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About The City

     Sravasti, capital of the ancient Kosala kingdom is sacred to Buddhists because it is here that Lord Buddha performed the greatest of his miracles to confound the Tirthika heretics. These miracles include that of the Buddha creating multiple images of himself, hence forth has been among the favorite themes of Buddhist art.

     Sravasti was an active centre of Buddhism even in the Buddha’s lifetime. The Buddha himself spent many summers here, and delivered important sermons. It was here that Anathapindaka built, in the garden of Prince Jeta a large monastery for the reception of the Buddha. Later, several shrines and other monasteries arose at this sacred spot.

Sravasti has been identified with the remains at Saheth - Maheth on the borders of the Gonda and Bahraich districts. It is situated on the banks of the River Rapti. Srarvasti also claims the glory of being was born, brought up and attained enlightment. Jain devotee visit Sravasti, during the month of kartik(Oct - Nov)
the bithday of Lord Sambhavnath, when a largeJjain mela is held.

Area : 2019 sq. km.

Population : 10220 (1991 census)

Altitude : 185 mtrs. above sea level.

Season : October - February / March

Clothing : Summer - Cottons; Winter - Woolens

Language : Hindi, English

Festivals : Buddh Purnima Mela (April-May) and Jain Mela

Local Transport : Private Taxis, Taxi, Tonga, Ekka

STD Code : 05263



      Nearest Airport is Lucknow - 176 km, from where Sravasti can be reached by rail upto Balrampur via Gonda.


Nearest railway station is at Balrampur : 17 Km. The rest of the route can be covered by road.


      Bus services are available from all major neighboring centres . Sravasti is - 119 km from Basti and - 17 km. from Balrampur.

Place Of Interest


      This covers an area of about 400 acres, and has been identified with the remains of the city proper. Excavations have exposed the massive gates of the city, ramparts and also the ruins of other structures which testify to the prosperity of ancient Sravasti. The Sobhanath Temple is located here. Pakki Kuti and Kacchi Kuti were probably Buddhist shrines before they were converted into Brahmanical temples.

Sobhanath Temple

      Believed to be the birthplace of Jain Tirthankar Sambhavnath. It is revered by Jain pilgrims.


      Saheth, covers an area of 32 acres, and lies about a quarter of a mile to the south - west of Maheth. This was the site of the Jetavana monastery. It became an important place of pilgrimage, adorned with numerous shrines, stupas and monasteries. The stupas belong mostly to the Kushana period, while the temples are in the Gupta style. The remains date from the Mauryan era (3rd century BC ) to the 12th century AD . One of the earliest stupas. probably dating to the 3rd century BC contained relics of the Buddha . A colossal statue of the Buddha was also found here which is now preserved in the Indian Museum, Calcutta . The Emperor Ashoka visited Jetavana, and the Chinese pilgrim Hiuen- Tsang mentions two Ashokan pillars at Sravasti.

      Other places of interest include the Swarnagandha Kuti.


Inspection Bungalow, PWD .

Burmese Temple. Rest House.

Chinese Temple Rest House.

Jain Dharamshala.

UP Tourism Accommodation

Tourist Bungalow, Katra Sravasti, Distt Bahraich.(Run by U.P State Tourism Development Corporation)


Allahabad Bank, Katra.

Post & Telegraph

Part - Time Post Office operates at Katra, 1 PM to 5 PM

Ayurvedic Hospital, Katra.
Tourist Info

Government of UP Tourist Bureau, Balrampur.


Devi Patan Temple

28 Km. One of the most important Shaktipeeth in the entire region, it is revered by Hindu devotees of India and Nepal.

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Tourist Attraction
Tourist Attraction
Dudhwa National Park
Fatehpur Sikri

Monks Offering Prayers At Bodhi Tree

Swarnagandha Kuti

Monks Offering Prayers At Bodhi Tree

Swarnagandha Kuti

Monks Offering Prayers At Bodhi Tree

Swarnagandha Kuti

Monks Offering Prayers At Bodhi Tree

Swarnagandha Kuti

Monks Offering Prayers At Bodhi Tree
Religious Places