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About The City

     The common apprehension that Uttar Pradesh lost its natural beauty after the formation of Uttaranchal may be proved wrong in the days to come as a district of eastern UP gears up to restore the old glory.

     Situated on the banks of holy Ganga and in the valley of Vindhyan hills, Mirzapur, which also has streams of Son and many other rainy season rivers running through it, is being developed to attract not only the picnic goers but also tourists from other parts of the country and foreigners. Not only are the natural sites being are the natural sites being re-explored to develop tourism industry in the district, but a large number of historical sites are being pruned. Water scooters and Para-gliding facilities will also be introduced in Mirzapur for those who want adventure. This will be done with the help of private companies.

     According to mythology, the original name of this town was derived from the goddess Parvati {Girija}, Who sacrificed her life in a yajna in this city. It I locally believed that the town was founded by king Baunar and was named Girijapur. The present name of the district is derived from goddess Lakshami, who emerged from the sea. The word mirja is formed from two words mir {sea} and JA {outcomes} with the additional pur, standing for ‘place.’ Several legends are connected with this region. During ancient times this town was ruled by many dynasties including Matsyas, Kasis, Chedis, Panchalas, Bhojas, Kannauj , Ujjain Magadh, Saila, Pala and others.

     Later, in the medieval period the Mughals and Afghans ruled the place before it became a part of Banaras state in the year 1775. The sovereignty of the place was rendered to East India Company by the Nawabs of Awadh but the ruler of Banaras retained the managing administration, till 1794 in 1861, a separate district of Mirzapur came into existence, as the largest district of the United Province,. In April, 1989 Sonebhadra was separated from the district and in 1997 it became the headquarter of the Vindhya division.

      Divided into six geological types, namely, the alluvial Ganga plain,. The Vindhyan table –land, the Kanpur hills, the son valley, the hilly tract south of the son and the singrauly basin, the district has also been known for rich natural resources and minerals. Three centuries back the town started developing as a big centre of trade and commerce o northern India. The advent of woolen carpet weaving industry and non-ferrous metal utensil manufacturing, added to the glory of the city as a trade centre. After the construction of rail, road links the city came to be identified as a major trade centre of India. The agriculture and forest yields of the entire Vindhya a Kaimoor plateau, which lies in the southern part of the then Mirzapur and Central Province, were transported down to the market o Mirapur for further transportation to the port city of Calcutta through river cargo. Green revolution brought a drastic change in the districts agro-economic scenario. Construction of a number of dams and canal network considerably helped in the rise of farm outcome.

      The district which has a vast green cover also has a large population of tribunals, specially Koles.



      The nearest airport is Babatpur Airport of Varanasi and Bamrauli Airport of Allahabad. Tourists can get direct flights for Delhi, Mumbi, Lucknow, Patna, Khajurho and Kathmandu from Babatpur.


      The railway stations of Mirzapur and Vindhyachal are situated on the main track of the North-Eastern Railway. Direct trains for stations falling enroute to Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are available round the clock.


      The district is situaterd on the Varanasi-Allahabad highway. Besides, it is also linked with nation highway connecting the area with Madhya Pradesh.


     Vindhyachal is well connected with all the parts of the country with good roads. Good accommodation facilities are also available at Hotel Jahanvi {UPSTDC}and other private hotels in town. Apart from the4se, dharamshalas and guest houses are also available.


     These dharamshalas serve a very useful purpose by providing shelter to travelers and pilgrims. There are eight private dharamshalas, four in Mirzapur and four in Vindhyachal . There is only one private dharamshala in the town of Robarts Ganj the list of eight dharmshals:

Bijaimal Dharamshala

Binani Dharamshala

Kesharwani Dharamshala

Raibalt Jaughari
Goinka Dharamshala
Jaipuri Dharamshala
Sawankar Dharamshala
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Tourist Attraction
Tourist Attraction
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