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About The City

     Located in the ancient land of Jejakbhukti, an integral part of Bundelkhand, this fort and town were of strategic importance during medieval times. The Kalinjar fort was Chandela stronghold from the 9th to the 15th centuries and remained invincible upto the time of the Mughals. Akbar finally conquered it in 1569 and gifted it to Birbal, one of the "nine jewels" of his court. From Birbal it went to the legendary Bundela warrior, Chhatrasal and thence to Hardev Shah of Panna before being captured by the British in 1812.

The township of Kalinjar was also-once protected by ramparts pierced by four gateways, only three of which remain today — Kamta Dwar, Panna Dwar and Rewa Dwar. Dotted with remnants of the past, this historic fort is well worth a visit.

Area : 25 sq. km.

Population : 4000 (1991 census)

Altitude : 381.25 mtrs. above sea level.

Season : Year round except for the summer months of April, May, June

Clothing : Summer - Cottons; Winter - Woolen

Language : Hindi, English, Bundeli

Local Transport :Tempo/ Rickshaw/Tonga

STD Code : 0519-70



Nearest airport is Khajuraho - 130 km.


    The nearest railway station is Atarra : 36 km, on the Banda-Satna route, 57 km. from Banda Station. Some of the important trains are : 1107/1108 Bundelkhand Exp. 1449/1450 Mahakaushal Exp., 5009/5010 Chitrakoot Exp.


    It is linked by road to all important centres in the region with regular bus services. Some of the major road distances are : Chitrakoot-78 km, Banda-62 km, Khajuraho-130 km, Allahabad-205 km.

Place Of Interest

Kalinjar Fort

Situated at a height of 700 ft. on the Vindhya ranges, this fort is accessible through seven gateways-the Alamgir Darwaza, Ganesh Dwar, Chauburji Darwaza, Buddha Bhadra Darwaza, Hanuman Dwar, Lal Darwaza and Bara Darwaza.

    Within the fort are two palaces-the Raja Mahal and the Rani Mahal, as well as several other places of interest. These include Sita Sej, a small cave containing a stone bed and pillow once used by hermits; a reservoir known as Patal Ganga; Pandu-Kund, where water trickles from the horizontal crevices of stratified rocks; Buddha-Budhi taal, whose waters are believed to possess healing qualities; Bhairon-ki-Jharia or Manduk Bhairon; the Mrigdhara or Antelope’s spring situated within an inner chamber of the rampart, and Koito Birth, which is an important place of pilgrimage where lepers are believed to be cured.

Neelkanth Temple

    This temple was built by the Chandela ruler Parmardi dev. In a niche by the rock-cut Swagger Roan pool, stands a colossal 18-armed image of Al Bhairav, the fearsome aspect of Lord Shiva.

Vankhandeshwar Mahadev Temple

    Located at the source of the Shivasari Ganga, this temple is also worth a visit.

    Kalinjar today is a small village, all modern amenities including hotels restaurants, banks are available at Banda or Chitrakoot. The best place to stay while visiting Kalinjar is Chitrakoot Tourist Bunglow (UPSTDC)


Khajuraho (M.P.)

172 km. Site of the now world-famous temples built between 950 AD and 1050 AD by the Chandelas. Only 25 temples survive, but they are masterpieces of architecture. Dedicated to the Lord Shiv, these temples celebrate the human from and man’s spiritual and physical aspects.

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Tourist Attraction
Tourist Attraction
Dudhwa National Park
Fatehpur Sikri


Saivite Sculptures

Rani Mahal

Kalinjar Fort

Colossal Bhairon Figure In Wall Niche In Kalinjar Fort

Manduk Bhairon and Bhairavi

Kalinjar Fort
Religious Places