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How To Reach Allahabad?

Local Transport

Local transportation in Allahabad is very good considering the fact that all the parts of the city are easily accessible. Some of the available mode of local transportation are as follows.

City Bus Service  The City Bus Service connects various parts of the city.
Tourist Taxis The tourist taxis are the best form of transportation for the tourists as they are quiet comfortable and fast in speed.
Auto-Rickshaws The auto-rickshaw is also good for traveling as it  is cheap in cost.
Cycle-Rickshaws The commonly used form of traveling, cycle-rickshaws are best for the tourist who really wants to enjoy and visit all the places in Allahabad.
Tempos The cheapest mode of traveling available in Allahabad, tempos connect almost each part of the city. They are available at various points in thecity. Some of the points are as follows
  (a) Kutchery
  (b) Railway Station
  (c) Mansarovar
  (d) Kareli
  (e) Rambagh
  (f) Teliyarganj  
  (g) Naini
  (h) Jhunsi
  (i) Civil Lines
Tourist Attraction

Religious Places