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About The City

     The quiet and beautiful township of Bithoor is situated on the Kannauj Road, 27 km from Kanpur. Situated on the banks of the Ganga, this tranquil spot is of considerable historical and religious importance. According to Hindu scriptures Lord Brahma came to Utpalaranya, as it was known then, for the creation of mankind. The place which first witnessed the creation of mankind came to be known as Brahmavarta or the seat of Brahma. Later Brahma installed a Shivalinga which is still worshipped as Brahmeshwar Mahadeva at the principal Ghat of Bithoor, The Brahmavarta Ghat. A nail of the horse shoe which is embedded in the steps of the ghat is an object of special reverence for devotees, considered to be of Brahma’s horse, while going for Ashwamedha Yajna. On the completion of the Yajna, the forests of Utpalaranya, became known as Brahmavarta, from which the popular name, Bithoor is derived. In later centuries Brahmavarta flourished as the capital of the kingdom of Utpalaranya, over which ruled the emperor Uttanpad. His son Dhruva penanced here in order to please Brahma. The place is pointed out to be Dhruva Teela. There is a small pool inside Valmiki Ashram, famous as Sita-Kund. Sita ‘Rasoi’ is still preserved, near which stands ‘Swarga Naseinee’ or Deep Malika Stambha, studded with niches all around for illumination. The tower has about 48 steps leading to its top which is surmounted by a cupola, from where one can have a panoramic view of the entire area. The existing Valmiki temple is said to have been rebuilt by Baji Rao Peshwa in the 19th century. Later Brahmavarta fell into obscurity, only to regain prominence in the 18th century. During 1753-75 under the rule of Nawab Shuja-ud-daula, the administration of Bithoor was entrusted to Almas Ali Khan, who erected a mosque near Lakshman Ghat on the right bank of Ganga. Bithoor was the capital of the Pargana from 1811 to 1819. After the departure of the courts, the place was assigned as a residence to Baji Rao, the deposed Peshwa. The palace of Nana Sahib was reduced to rubble by the British in 1857 and the only traces remaining of it are some large well heads and broken palace walls. The historic town of Bithoor, once famous by the name of ‘Bavan Ghaton ki Nagri’, (city of 52 Ghats) today left with only 29 Ghats.


05 sq. km


7665 (1991 census)

Altitude 126 mtrs. above sea level
Season October – March.
Clothing (Summer) Cottons
(Winters) Woollens
Language Hindi

Kartik Poornima
Magh Poornima,
Makar Sankranti Mela

Local Transport Taxis/Tongas/Tempos/Buses/Cycle-Rikshaws.
STD Code 0512-712



Nearest airports are chakuri Airport, Kanpur. The latter has become operational since Januari1996 and is serviced by , Archana Airways and other private airlines.


Kalyanpur is the nearest station, but serviced only by passenger trains, Kanpur Junction is the most suitable station for Bithoor. Some important trains that pass through Kanpur central railway station.


Major road distances are : Kanpur - 22 km, Lucknow - 109 km, Agra - 308 km, Kannauj - 103 km, Sankisa - 166 km, Delhi - 430 km, Allahabad - 224 km, Ayodhya - 252 km.

Place Of Interest

Valmiki Ashram

This ashram is located at a height and accessible by a flight of stairs known as the "stairway to heaven". A panoramic vie of Bithoor can be enjoyed from this ashram.

Brahmavart Ghat

This is considered the holiest ghat of Bithoor. Devotees of Lord Brahma pray at the altar of the "Wooden Slippers" after a ritual dip in the Ganga.

Patthar Ghat

The foundation stone of this red sandstone ghat was laid by Tikait Rai, a minister of Awadh State. There is a massive temple her dedicated to Lord Shiva. The shivlinga in the temple is made of "Kasauti" or the philosopher's stone.

Dhruva Teela

This marks the place where the child Dhruva meditated single mindedly as he stood on one leg. As a reward, God granted Dhruva the divine boon to shine for all time as a star.

       Other places of interest include Ram Janki temple, Luv-Kush temple, Haridham Ashram and NanaRao Smarak..

Nearest UP Tourism Accommodation

Tatyaganj (12 km) Tourist Motel
Fatehpur Roshnai (Rania) 24 km Tourist Bunglow .


Only local eateries available that serve vegetarian Indian food.

Treatment Available
Tourist Attraction
Tourist Attraction
Dudhwa National Park
Fatehpur Sikri

The Ghats

The Ganga Of Bithoor

The Ghats

The Ganga Of Bithoor

The Ghats

The Ganga Of Bithoor

The Ghats
Religious Places